104-Icons-SA-Amadio-Wine Photo Steve DavisWhat a delight. What a jewel in the SA crown.

We could be talking about our SA Drink Of The Week from episode 104 or equally talking about Icons South Australia, the gourmet store at Adelaide Airport where we were hosted for this week’s wine tasting.

Or it could also refer to Samuel Hampshire, the duty manager from Icons who led us through a wonderful tasting experience.

Indeed, the Amadio Wines Sagrantino from the Barossa Valley was superb and James Halliday has 94 points for it in his 2016 wine guide.

Samuel said he chose it because it was an emerging variety in the South Australian wine scene and contrasts nicely to the more orthodox range of wines we’d showcased on The Adelaide Show thus far.

We got cherry, we got chocolate, we got light tannin; this wine is a class act made for accompanying good, rustic, Italian feasts.

Icons is a ‘must visit’ shop in the Adelaide Airport, stocking South Australian gourmet delights and other ‘iconic’ products and we heartily recommend it.

In fact, Samuel said a lot of their business is selling goodies to people who are departing Adelaide and want to take some SA with them, with some people taking up to six bottles of superb wine in their carry on!

And Samuel. Well, he has a range of stories himself and we might be hearing him on a future episode.

Hear us do our live tasting about 10 minutes in.

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