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2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Shiraz

2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Shiraz tasting notes - The Adelaide Show Podcast

Under shady trees at WOMADelaide 2018, we sipped the South Australian Drink Of The Week, which was the 2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Shiraz.

Even though we were drinking it from plastic, recycleable cups, a context that would flatten most wines and leave them dull on the palate, this wine floated above it, much like the renegade angels of French company, Gratte Ciel, who rose above Bontanic Park to perform circus in the sky.

Our guest taster was Sasha Sachs, formerly of Hannaford and Sachs Fig Tree Restaurant on Kangaroo Island, who has now moved to Adelaide to represent KI Spirits.

2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Shiraz tasting notes

Steve’s first observation was that just like finding a nice spot under one of the shady trees at WOMADelaide, this wine settles down snuggly, like a picnic blanket on your palate.

He also said there is a bounty of elusive fruit on the palate, a bit like walking through the Botanic Gardens and enjoying lots of vegetation you can’t name.

He finished by noting that just like WOMADelaide has a Zero Waste policy, so, too, do the tannins on this wine sweep through your palate at the finish, cleaning and tidying as they leave.

Sasha concurred, adding that despite all that, this wine is still light and refreshing on her palate.

Nigel agreed that the tannin lingers nicely after the fruit has faded away.

You can hear the live tasting of the 2013 Yalumba The Signature Cabernet Shiraz at the beginning of episode 238 of The Adelaide Show Podcast. Use the player below or open your favourite podcast app, search for The Adelaide Show, and subscribe. You’ll then be able to choose and dowload that episode to listen at your leisure.

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