mars needs shiraz sky harrison adelaide show podcastThe 2013 Mars Needs Shiraz is a vibrant wine that is a bit ‘out of this world’.

In episode 121 we tasted this wine and all of us were impressed by what happened when this wine was removed from the fridge and given a few minutes of breathing.

It blasted off!

Fruit, violets, beautiful, generous mouthfill; we were starstruck.

The wine was provided by Sky Harrison, editor of Aspire Magazine, pictured, because she’d been sent some to preview by Muster Wines. She also has a hair colour perfectly aligned for discussions about the Red Planet.

The label was inspired by the winemaker being inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Legend has it, the question was posed: what would it be like to be the first company making wine for Mars?

However we have all agreed to ban its export 🙂

Listen to our space/wine odessy about 13 minutes into this week’s show.

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