Majella and Zema Estate wines on The Adelaide Show Podcast at Caffe BelgiornoWe had a double header for the SA Drink Of The Week in episode 139 because we got quite carried away by the hospitality at Caffe Belgiorno in Mount Gambier.

Maria Gentile helped us select these two great examples of Coonawarra wine; Majella The Musician and Zema Estate Shiraz.

These wines were consumed with pizza and with steak and saw out the distance.

2013 Majella The Musician Cabernet Shiraz

This is an interesting blend, leading with the Coonawarra’s famous variety, Cabernet Sauvignon, complemented by Shiraz.

Steve noted how the Cabernet makes it self known immediately before the Shiraz makes its way to the stage.

2012 Zema Estate Shiraz

The Zema Estate wine was very different, with a more stringent package of aroma and flavours with a sharp edge that nicely helped ‘cut into’ the steak.

Steve noted how this wine has an almost ephemeral behaviour on the palate, arising like mist from a morning amid Coonawarra vines, before descending back down, deep into the palate like well trained sky jumpers.

Both wines were enjoyable and these words do not do justice to the fun of the live tasting which you can listen to below, starting about six minutes in.

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