At the Bay To Birdwood, the SA Drink Of The Week we sampled was the 2013 Kersbrook Hill Shiraz.

We were led through the tasting by the man who oversees the winemaking, Paul Clark.

Paul mentioned how 2013 was a warmer vintage than usual, which means the wine is a little more robust than a typical Adelaide Hills Shiraz.

2013 Kersbrook Hill Shiraz tasting notes

Steve began my describing to Paul how this wine closes in with its moderate tannins on the back palate, like going into a car wash and having the last cycle blow dry your tongue.

Paul thought this was rather descriptive.

Steve then noted that while there is not a lot of fruit on the palate, there is a lovely perfume that dominates the mid-palate, like wandering past blackberry bushes in blossom while hiking through the Adelaide Hills.

Paul shared how the 2013 had an extra degree of elegance about it, even though in some years they can be like a baseball bat to the head, making the Adelaide Hills such an interesting winemaking region.

If you’re curious about this wine, have a listen to our live tasting of the 2013 Kersbrook Hill Shiraz first, it’s at the start of episode 214 of The Adelaide Show podcast, which you can find in the player below, in iTunes, or by searching for the Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app – it’s free.

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