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2013 d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz tasting notes

2013 d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz tasting notes

These 2013 d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz tasting notes were produced as part of The Adelaide Show podcast, episode 181, recorded at Helping Hand Aged Care in North Adelaide.

The topic of the night was ageing and preparing for death and so one of the guests, Jim Manning, thought the “Dead” Arm would be the perfect wine because it refers to the diseased branch of a grapevine.

Jim waxed lyrically about d’Arry Osborn and his son, Chester, who now spearheads the winery, and it prompted Steve to ponder whether they have all the correct wills and powers of attorney in place.

Keith Sinkinson from the Public Trustee, another guest on the program, proffered that he hoped so too because in family businesses in particular it is important to have all arrangements in place so that cheques can be signed and money can be paid, should something untoward happen to the owners.

Steve then asked Sam Giorgatzis from Helping Hand, the other guest, if it would be possible for someone like d’Arry to be able to keep a stash of wine in his room should he ever be in aged care and she thought this would be very possible.

Steve’s thought was that having a stash of great wine would mean children and family members would come to visit more often!

2013 D’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz tasting notes

Firstly, this is a classic, South Australian wine and therefore a perfect candidate for being named, SA Drink Of The Week.

Jim went so far as to say if you have never tried it, then you cannot say you have a well-rounded, South Australian wine palate!

Steve first noted violets on the nose and said it was like he was walking through a field of them with some of their pollen sticking to his clothes.

But then he noted that before things got too florally and fruity, some stern tannins (like an olde time schoolmaster) washed over his palate and swept things back into neat order.

Both Jim and Nigel noted how the tannins were an important part of this wine and well balanced with the other elements.

You can here this weird and winding wine tasting from about three minutes in, via the player below, or just open a podcast playing app, search for The Adelaide Show and download episode 181 directly, with a glass of this wonderful SA Drink Of The Week in the other hand!



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