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2012 St Hallett Faith Shiraz Barossa Valley

2012 St Hallett Faith Shiraz Barossa Valley on The Adelaide Show Podcast

While discussing decriminalising sex work in South Australia, we were sipping the 2012 St Hallett Faith Shiraz from the Barossa Valley in episode 211 of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

If you listen to our live tasting you will hear how the concept of “faith” led to some interesting discussion and insights about the topic with our guests, Tammy Franks MLC and sex worker, Scarlett Jones.

However, as the South Australian Drink Of The Week, this wine from St Hallett Wines also demanded some tasting notes, which follow.

2012 St Hallett Faith Shiraz Barossa Valley tasting notes

One of the first things Steve shared was the presence of a deep, resonant note of plum or similarly dark fruits, akin to the deep notes you hear from a pipe organ in a cathedral, driving through his palate as he sipped the wine.

He said it almost rumbled through his gut.

Tammy Franks described the wine as robust.

Nigel agreed, adding that the wine dries out nicely on the palate, but not in an obviously tannin-like way. It is more about leading to dry finish.

Steve summed up the tasting experience as like playing a pipe organ in the deepest part of its register while fragrant, spice notes waft about like coloured light streaming through a stained-glass window, before finally closing the hymn book and closing up the church nicely and neatly before going home.

You can hear the live tasting of the 2012 St Hallett Faith Shiraz Barossa Valley, including bonus discussion about faith and sex work, teetotalism, and hair removal, from about the three-minute mark in the player below, or by downloading the episode for free from iTunes or in your favourite podcast player – just search for The Adelaide Show Podcast and click on episode 211.

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