We were granted this bottle of 2012 L’Escalier au Ciel Merlot by the Alliance Française d’Adelaïde French Film Festival, to be the “South Australian” Drink Of The Week for our special French Film episode.

With our guest, Dr Ben McCann, Head of French Studies at the University of Adelaide adorned in a black and white striped top, and the table adorned with a provincial-looking table cloth, what else could we do, other than partake in hearty lashings of wine as we discussed French cinema?

We are unlikely to break our South Australian Only rule ever again, but we hope you’ll forgive us this once.

S’il-vous-plaît pardonnez-nous.

2012 L’Escalier au Ciel Merlot tasting notes

Steve’s first reaction was to describe the experience of this wine as similar to laying in a garden of violets on the grounds of an expansive, French estate.

With the ground, consisting of limestone, lending a chalkiness, while the waft of musk parfum from a passing mademoiselle, completed the image.

Dr McCann concurred, adding that the soft, approachable quality was common among the French wines he drinks.

You can hear the full tasting of the 2012 L’Escalier au Ciel Merlot, recorded at the Palace Nova East End, about three minutes into episode 240 of The Adelaide Show Podcast, by using the player below or by searching for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app.