These Heartland Directors’ Cut Shiraz tasting notes have been drawn from episode 145 of The Adelaide Show podcast. More notes and the audio player below so you can hear the live tasting.

This Heartland wine from Langhorne Creek was chosen because our guest in episode 145, Georgia Adamson, is an actor who has worked with many directors and it was a lovely way to open up discussion on the topic.

In short, Georgia said the secret to a good director is being able to create a sense of openness and freedom among the cast, while all the while drawing from a vivid picture of the world they want created.

And this wine turned out to be a perfect match because it just snapped into place on our palates, like a well hit cue on stage.

2012 Heartland Directors’ Cut Shiraz tasting notes

One of the first impressions Steve had of the Directors’ Cut was blackcurrants.

In fact, he said it was like the wine had a slingshot and was peppering his tastebuds with blackcurrants as he drank.

Although, peppering might not be the right term as Georgia pointed out the absence of pepper from this Shiraz.

Steve also noted the flat, cushioning of tannins, like mats in a rehearsal space.

Nigel simply said this is one of the best wines ever featured on The Adelaide Show.

After the show went to air, the Heartland Wines team commented: Thanks for having us on board for this week’s podcast. We enjoyed the banter. We don’t make the wine in bare feet, but we liked the analogy (of the floor mats).

And Nick Keukenmeester from Heartland also picked up on our reference to the gods, Bacchus in particular, noting, ‘Thought the tasting notes were spot on. Here’s to all the great directors. Isn’t Dionysus the god of theatre and wine?’

Indeed yes, and Bacchus is the Roman equivalent. Time to open another bottle and discuss further, we think!

You can hear our Heartland Directors’ Cut Shiraz tasting notes about six minutes in:

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