Showblock Estate Manifester's Shiraz on The Adelaide Show PodcastFrom episode 132 of The Adelaide Show, we have drawn these 2010 Showblock Wines Manifester’s Shiraz tasting notes for this superb wine from McLaren Vale.

Of all the episodes to feature a ‘Showblock’ wine, this was perfect because it held its own on the same bill as ‘showgirl’, Miss Nona Mona.

As you listen to the tasting you will hear how Miss Nona is not a wine drinker and refers to the experience as a ‘warm barrel’. Hmmm.

Later, Nigel points out that the ‘warmth’ is possibly due to a 15% alcohol volume. Trust the scientist to spot things like that!

Fellow guest, Dante Rossi, simply said, this is nice wine.

And then Steve just waxed lyrically about the wine.

He said that from the outset, there was plenty of wow factor with an enticing nose and refined fruit taking centre stage.

He then said how the tannins behave like children in the Elizabethan era; well-behaved, quietly sitting and reading or doing stitching in the corner, not speaking until spoken to.

2010 Showblock Wines Manifester’s Shiraz tasting notes

Steve was also impressed after meeting Sarae and John at Showblock Estate when he collected the wine for the audience on Tuesday.

They mentioned how they like to carefully bottle age the wine before releasing it to retailers or the public.

This is why we had the pleasure of a 2010 vintage and why they’re only just rolling over to 2011 wines while the rest of the world is pushing through 2013 and 2014 wines.

According to Showblock Estate, this wine is made from a selected parcel of late picked fruit from the ShowBlock vineyard. It has a rich mulberry colour, the palate overflows with exuberantly intense blackberry, cherry and licorice fruit, the tannins fine and supple, the oak incidental and perfectly integrated, the finish very very long. With no fining or filtration we recommend decanting prior to consumption. Some will love this wine now, others down the track, but it will always give pleasure. Only 250 cases produced. Cellar to 2030.

Here is the player to listen to our live tasting, which starts about six minutes in.