We were treated to a 2010 Glen Eldon Old Vine Shiraz from Eden Valley this week, for The Adelaide Show Podcast 253.

Campbelltown Mayor Simon Brewer has become a fan of the winery and was looking forward to sharing it on the show.

After it opened up on the very cool night, the wine delivered beyond our expectations.

2010 Glen Eldon Old Vine Shiraz Eden Valley tasting notes

Steve described the experience of drinking the wine as like laying down atop a large pile of dry, autumn leaves on a sunny afternoon, floating in sublime bliss.

He said apart from the scent of nearby fruit and berry trees, there were also some faint tones of sweet, freshly cut timber similar to the woody notes in church incense, with the most magnificent balance between tannin and acid holding time still as the wine warmed its way through the senses.

Simon concurred, noting the fruity tones and the very pleasing finish, and Nigel also marvelled at the perfect balance this wine had on the palate.

There was more said about the wine and you can hear it in the live tasting by grabbing episode 253 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, in Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher et al, or by using the player, below.

The 2010 Glen Eldon Old Vine Shiraz from Eden Valley is the South Australian Drink Of The Week.