We saddled up to ride the 2009 Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Merlot in episode 217 of The Adelaide Show Podcast and it certainly pushed our palates to the limits.

This eight year old blend was chosen because Steve had tried it before and thought “bull trader” worked well with the theme of trying to find men willing to settle down and raise children with older women.

This was agreed upon, even though our guest, Leila Henderson misheard Steve at first and thought the wine was called “ball trader”.

2009 Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Merlot tasting notes

Right from the starting gates, Leila said the nose was clearly signalling that this was a Coonawarra wine.

Steve claimed that despite being eight years old, there was still fight left in this “bull”, at least another 3-4 years, if not more. He said if he’d hopped in the ring with this wine, he’d come off second best!

Nigel said it still has a very fresh berry flavour to it and the tannins haven’t smoothed away completely yet, by a long shot. He also claimed this is not tasting like a 2009 but more like a 2013.

Steve said there is still plenty of crispy acid and he can hear the strains of Toreador in the background.

There was also a challenged from the listeners at the Cardinals Book Club, to make reference to Little Red Riding Hood during the wine tasting.

To this end, Steve said because this wine has such youthful prickliness, it’s like kissing the wolf dressed up as grandma but because this wine does have a nice finish, in this story the wolf lets grandma go and they all share a drink together.

You can hear the full 2009 Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Merlot tasting from about the three-minute mark in episode 217 of The Adelaide Show. Find it below or, better still, search for The Adelaide Show in a podcast playing app, subscribe to the podcast (it is free) and then load episode 217 and play to your heart’s content.

And for the Bizet fans

“Toreador” is actually not a real Spanish word. Bizet invented it because he needed a term that fit the timing of the song, and “matador” didn’t quite cut it.