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Take a break from the daily grind this Fringe to witness the hilarious and relatable office comedy show, Workmates.

Following Marcus’ first week at a new office-job with his co-worker Lyall, the show delves into the mundanity of work-life in increasingly humorous ways.

Creators and performers, David Arcidiaco and Robbie Greenwell, have incredible chemistry on stage, playing off one another to great comedic effect.

They also utilise physical comedy, sketch comedy, and surrealism well. With the show bringing out a hilarious take on the different corporate identities found in your average office.

With the characters set up as the classic clashing of personalities of the anal co-worker and the chill co-worker, the show creates funny miscommunications and arguments as the two get to know one another.

The set was crafted well, creating an immersive and realistic office space from the desk plants and coffee corner, all the way to the hydration station and kitchen posters.

The pairs costume changes between each ‘day’ were a little on the longer side, but the catchy music made the wait quite bearable.

Workmates is located on level 7 of the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel in the Nandina function room for it’s entire run. While on the smaller side, the room manages to not feel overly crowded even with a nearly full audience seated.

Be sure to witness this stunningly comedic performance before it ends. David and Robbie have created a great insight into the corporate world that is sure to keep you laughing throughout the whole show.

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