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The Alchemist of Feelings

The Alchemist of Feelings








Things we loved

  • Authentic and confident stage presence
  • Amazing voice
  • Intriguing lyricism

Things we would reconsider

  • Nothing to change

Frankly has an incredibly authentic and confident stage presence combined with an amazing voice, which makes her candid cabaret show, The Alchemist of Feelings, a great watch. Like the title suggests this show is all about emotions, from the raw feelings of heartbreak and wanting to get away from the modern world, to the bittersweet joy of memories tinged by grief.

In a guide to a sensitive person’s heart, Frankly takes you through her innermost thoughts in the form of song, all enhanced by her quirky personality and intriguing lyricism. With ditties about existential dread that you get to sing along to, what’s not to love?

She also briefly gets into politics, dedicating a song to Brittany Higgins, and speaking about the differences in sex education and at how young rape culture starts forming.

The stage was set in a small room upstairs at The Producers Hotel, creating a very intimate setting, to the point it felt as though Frankly was speaking directly to you during her performance with how close you are to the stage. The lack of house music before the show started evolved into an impromptu crowd work, with Frankly getting to know her early audience while waiting for everyone to arrive.

If you are early, bear in mind that the door to the upstairs area is a separate entrance outside, which only opens closer to the act’s starting time. This area cannot be accessed through The Nairobi Affair Lounge where the venue’s bar is located.

With funny anecdotes, rambling stories, feminist speeches, and personal songs, Frankly’s The Alchemist of Feelings has it all in a show that truly cannot be described as anything but the essence of the Adelaide Fringe.

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