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Things we loved

  • Unique cabaret experience
  • Great music

Things we would reconsider

  • Splash zone should be made clearer for those who do not want to get wet

Rusalka is a unique cabaret focused on the myths and tales of the mermaid. Incorporating a mix of circus, dance, and music, Cirque Nocturne showcases an alluring all women cast of mermaids, selkies and sirens.

With a variety of acts performed for a variety of people, you can look forward to seeing aerial acts, burlesque, an acrobat, fire spinning, a drunken pirate singing with an accordion, and of course “real life” mermaids.

Each act was preceded by a suitably dramatic story about different mermaid myths and folklore, told by the director and producer of the show Kate Lawrence. She covers many differing versions of mermaid tales and sightings, with varying cultures and some history behind how some of these myths came to be. Covering the classic mermaid, to the siren, to sea goddesses, to the rusalka and much more. The act following each story usually contained a similar theme or feature from the tale. Moreover, the music was great and fit each act near perfectly.

Given the topic of the show, their chosen location of the rooftop bar at Nineteen Ten Jazz & Burlesque Club fits the theme very well. Their stage is the glass cover over a pool, which is an extremely limited space, but the cast used it well. Some acts wandered through the audience, and others made use of the pool itself or the bathtub placed in front of the stage.

For those who don’t like getting wet, a word of warning, there is a splash zone. Most seats by the bar are safe but be cautious near the bathtub and pool.

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