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Pat McCaffrie: Democracy doesn’t work

Adelaide Fringe Review: Democracy Doesn't Work by Pat McCaffrey. Review by Steve Davis

Pat McCaffrie: Democracy doesn’t work








Things we loved

  • Matched Nigel's political views
  • Cares about the planet and its people

Things we would reconsider

  • If you don't have alt left views, this might be challenging

NOTE: This is Nigel’s review. To see Steve’s, click here: Pat McCaffrie by Steve.

Pat’s alt-left production is great. He really makes really great comedy. The best Comedy. Comedy gold.

If you are partial to making the USA great, Aussie bogon politics or being a homophobic wanker then this show will be challenging.

Hopefully, the sort of people who think and get involved in culture will more than likely be the audience so this shouldn’t be a problem.

His show flowed well and covers, you’ll be surprised here, politics!

He’s still recovering from Perth, a “hot and violent place” but at least he made it back.

Therapy continues, his audiences there were, evidently… challenging.

Covering a mix of politics from the ritual of the Aussie Election Day BBQ, the dark alley the US is charging down and whether everyone should really be allowed to vote, Pat puts on a smooth performance, like a well-aged cheese, subtle but with bite.

As someone with clearly left leaning tendencies, i.e. he cares about the world and its current spiral into Hell, it was great to see him out himself as… are you sitting down?…someone with an intense dislike for Q&A.

This was so very refreshing as this writer also avoids that constructed cesspit of faux drama for pretty much the same reason. It’s shit.

His take on the show was hilarious and the audience agreed.

In fact, actual fact , not alt-fact, the audience pretty much agreed with the entire show and had a great time based on the laughs Pat managed to pull from their sides.

He managed to satisfy the audience, and I’m sure he’ll satisfy Adelaide.

A great comedian. A really, really, great comedian. Totally incredible. He is really, really a not dumb person. The best.

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