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Broadway Baby

Broadway Baby








Things we loved

  • Talented individuals with great vocals
  • Hilarious and Entertaining

Things we would reconsider

  • More rehearsals would help the performers when malfunctioning technology distracts them

Bethany Eloise takes to the stage like a duck takes to water, with all the passion and pizazz fit for musical theatre. Joined by her talented accompanist Tim Wilson, the two entrance their audience with musical numbers, tales about the horrors of auditions, and their joking back and forth, in their comedy cabaret, Broadway Baby.

This show is an entertaining amalgamation of musical productions with a comedic twist. Covering songs from golden oldies to contemporary classics, with Disney’s Cinderella, Chicago, Hamilton and more on the playlist. All with a new spin of original lyrics detailing the life of a performer, from the dreaded casting call, the desire for fame and fortune, and the joy found in learning about musicals.

You can clearly hear Bethany’s operatic training as she projects her voice beautifully throughout her performance. Tim also sings very well during the show, though mostly for comedic effect and as the backing vocals to Bethany.

The stage set up at ARTHUR ARTBAR was simple, with only a chair and a hatstand placed next to Tim’s keyboard. Bethany utilised costume changes and the stage lights throughout the show to heighten both the comedic timing and emotional meaning behind her musical numbers.

There were a few technical issues with the microphone after a costume change, but Bethany powered through it and didn’t let it overtly detract from her performance. She did forget a few lines during the song, but recovered quickly with the help of Tim, and managed to end the show with a confident flourish.

If you’re a lover of musical theatre, and want to see a future Broadway star, keep an eye out for Bethany Eloise.

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