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Art & Craft Workshops by Studio Rags

Art & Craft Workshops by Studio Rags








Things we loved

  • You get to make and keep a unique piece of art

Things we would reconsider

  • Nothing to change

The Adelaide Fringe is filled with so many creative and interesting shows, but none are quite like the Art & Craft Workshops by Studio Rags. Unleash your own creativity with Rehana Usman’s expertise in various art forms and have some fabric fun.

Studio Rags was created to promote value added skills, for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Rehana has a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from NCA Pakistan, and many years of experience in the textile industry and her love of art. She encourages people to try new things and let out their creative side, having three different workshops throughout the Adelaide Fringe season, the most recent being on Indonesian batik printing.

Indonesian batik printing used to be taught in schools but has recently fallen out of favour, and Rehana has brought back this experience for a one-off fringe workshop. If you missed it, don’t worry, Studio Rags have a variety of workshops for both adults and children outside of the Fringe, including Indonesian batik printing, tie die (contemporary, shibori, chunri), Pakistani truck art and watercolour painting.

The three and a half hour workshop itself was incredibly fun, with the materials provided and in depth help and instructions, everyone left with an incredible and unique piece of artwork and an awesome experience. You can glimpse some of them on their Instagram here.

The next, and last, planned workshop is on watercolour painting, and its no doubt going to be just as interesting and creative as its predecessor.

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation. As a start up it means a lot to me. I love to share my skills and knowledge with people around me to promote self reliance,
    mutual support and human bonding for a peaceful society.

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