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SA Register

SA Register 01This is our register of notable South Australians and institutions that have contributed to our lives and our culture. It began with episode 43 of the podcast and will grow over time in a sporadic kind of way.

Adelaide, Queen (episode 51) – namesake of the city of Adelaide

Bannon, John (episode 121) – former premier of South Australia

Blair, Amanda (episode 47) – media all-rounder; proponent of Adelaide and South Australia.

Chambers, Kasey (episode 45) – singer-songwriter.

Cold Chisel (episode 79) – band, members of SA Music Hall Of Fame.

Conlon, Keith (episode 58) – journalist, radio/tv presenter, Mr South Australia

Cotton, Darryl (episode 43) – singer-songwriter; founding member/lead singer of Zoot.

Crabb, Annabel (episode 62) – journalist, political commentator, author.

Curiosity Show (episode 48) – television program.

Dink, Winky (episode 55) – children’s television star.

Harrington, Jimmy (episode 76) – charity walker, anti-bulling activist, Pride Of Australia winner.

Harvey, Vaughan (episode 75) – radio legend, radio school operator, news editor, the ‘voice’ of Adelaide radio.

Hutton, Deane (episode 48) – presented Curiosity Show with Rob Morrison.

Keays, Jim (episode 43) – singer-songwriter; founding member/lead singer of The Masters Apprentices.

Medwell, Jeff (episode 47) – print and radio journalist; talkback host.

Micallef, Shaun Patrick – (episode 49) – actor, comedian and writer.

Moore, Joey (episode 55) – children’s television star.

Morrison, Rob (episode 48) – presented Curiosity Show with Deane Hutton.

Mortlock Wing, State Library of South Australia (episode 50) – Noted as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Neeson, Bernard Patrick ‘Doc’ (episode 43) – singer-songwriter; founding member/lead singer of The Angels.

O’Connor, Noel (episode 69) – TV pioneer and celebrity.

Patching, Wendy (episode 56) – assistant to Winky Dink.

Roenfeldt, Robin (episode 55) – children’s television star.

Rose, Louisa (episode 72) – winemaker.

Rothauser, Charles (episode 46) – manufacturer of the world’s first disposable hypodermic syringes and the world’s first all-plastic, one-piece moulded toilet cisterns; started Caroma company.

Shorrock, Glenn (episode 43) – singer-songwriter; founding member/lead singer of The Twilights, Axiom (with Brian Cadd), Little River Band.

Such, Dr Bob (episode 60) – politician, known for his independence and focus on his electorate rather than party politics.

Thomas, Andy (episode 44) – aerospace engineer and astronaut.

Thompson, Bruce (episode 46) – developed the world’s first dual-flush toilet cistern.

Willis, Harry (episode 46) – designer of the world’s first polyethylene disposable hypodermic syringe.

Wills, Anne (episode 77) – TV legend