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228 – The Adelaide Show 2017 Retrospective: Passion

The 1991 Penfolds Grange being poured into the Coq au Vin on The Adelaide Show Podcast 227

The Adelaide Show 2017 Retrospective: Passion, is a brief fling with some of the discussions we had with people who are driven by passion a lot more than the average person.

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Our retrospective is co-hosted by 2017 guest, Leila Henderson.

In 2017, some of the honourable mentions for passion include:

But for this week’s show we’ll be revisiting:

  • Dr Bill Griggs, who was singled out by listener Scott Thompson, who believes there are plenty more stories in Bill for us to pry further next time
  • Andrew Sincock, the SA cricketing great
  • Former TV news man, Mark Aiston, who is working tirelessly to raise mental health awareness

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is still the Penfolds Grange, which we are now eating in Coq au Vin.

In 100 Weeks Ago, we hear from Musitec’s David Grice, who is championing our local music industry.

And in the musical pilgrimage … we’ll go back to Fleur Green and the Keepers from episode 216.

We also continue our experiment. Steve has falling in love with Jon Blake’s podcast from FIVEaa, not only because it is funny but also because he finds Jon to be an enigma. So, in our attempt at an homage to the great comic and announcer, we are experimenting with a segment called Bath Time With Blakey – it’s a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into Jon Blake when he’s away from the mic and behind closed doors!

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Running Sheet: The Adelaide Show 2017 Retrospective: Passion

00:00:00 Outtake
 A note about our Kytons Lamington Drive promotion.
Theme (we didn’t use our full theme in the retrospective episodes)
Theme and Introduction. Our original theme song in full is here, Adelaidey-hoo.
00:00:00 SA Drink Of The Week
1991 Penfolds Grange … cooking notes.
00:13:34 Dr Bill Griggs
Let’s take the pulse of our chat with Dr Bill Griggs from episode 183.
00:19:37 Andrew Sincock
As Australia dominates the cricket this summer, let’s look through our own Wisden-like journal and dig out some of our chat with the wild-haired cricket legend, Andrew Sincock from episode 182.
00:24:45 Mark Aiston
In episode 194, we sat off camera with TV man, Mark Aiston to discuss the media and mental health.
00:31:19 100 Weeks Ago
In 100 Weeks Ago, we hear from Musitec’s David Grice, who is championing our local music industry.
00:34:07 Bath Time With Blakey
In this episode, Blakey gets musical in the bath.
00:38:56 Musical Pilgrimage
And our song this week is Nadia by Fleur Green and The Keepers, selected by our musical curator, Todd Fischer.
00:42:14 Outtake
 Toilet seat protocol

Here is this week’s preview video:

No specific video this week.

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

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