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384 – The Voice And The Voices: From The Referendum To Community Friday Nights At Kanmantoo

384 - The Voice And The Voices: From The Referendum To Community Friday Nights At Kanmantoo

While Australia Ponders Voting On The Voice To Parliament, People In Kanmantoo Gather To Give Voice To Their Musical Expression At Carob And Hare

It’s interesting that Australia is poised to vote on giving First Nationsl people a voice to parliament, but for many of us we are not familiar with the voices around us. How many of us know our neighbours or interact regularly with people in our community, stopping for a chat and a shared experience?

In this episode, our political pundit, Robert Godden returns to “read the tea leaves” of where Australia is at regarding voter intention for the October 14, 2023, referendum. This segment will either age really well or age really poorly.

Then, we hear a number of voices from people who have gathered at the weekly, Friday night, open mic evenings at Carob and Hare in the main street of Kanmantoo. The Carob business owners and curator of these community events, Donna Twycross, takes Steve on a journey through carob, and then expands on her vision for regular community nights at her venue. We also hear from Stevie Ray Wonder (MC for the Friday night events), Kathryn and Peter Roberts (local residents), and Garry Duncan (artist).

The SA Drink Of The Week in this episode is a Gipsie Jack Cabernet from Langhorne Creek.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, our featured artist is another performer from Carob and Hare, Rod Mitchell, who is one half of the collaboation, BW4.

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Running Sheet: The Voice And The Voices: From The Referendum To Community Friday Nights At Kanmantoo

00:00:00 Intro


00:04:41 SA Drink Of The Week

2019 Gipsie Jack Cabernet.

This wine is the “house red” at Carob and Hare and is an intriguing drop, over-delivering on value with every sip.

00:08:54 Robert Godden and The Voice Referendum

Our political commentator, Robert Godden, joins Steve to read the tea leaves of where Australia is at as it approaches the October 14, 2023, referendum on The Voice.

00:39:44 Donna Twycross, Carob and Hare, and the people and performers of Kanmantoo

Every Friday night from 5.30-ish until 9-ish, locals and visitor amble in to Carob and Hare on the main street of Kanmantoo, to eat simple food, have a drink, and either listen to or perform music (or both), with an environment of inclusive warmth.

The mystical and energetic conjurer of this gathering is the owner of Carob and Hare, Donna Twycross. Donna fell in love with carob when she was in her teens because it tasted great (to her) and met her needs of being a healthy addition to her diet.

Today, she produces Hare Balls and other treats using locally grown carob, from our friends Michael and Jam Jolley at The Australian Carob Co. in Booborowie, South Australia.

As you’ll hear in the discussion, carob is a sweet edible pod that comes from the carob tree. It’s been cultivated for over 4000 years and if you get good pods, it tastes very good. That wasn’t Steve’s experience growing up, but Donna helps put that into perspective.

Aside from her carob business, Donna explains the rationale for the weekly community gatherings she hosts, as well as special, monthly, Saturday night themed events. She also shares a sneak peek into her new, Sunday afternoon events themed around Alice in Wonderland, should you happen to visit Kanmantoo from mid-October onwards.

In this chat we also meet Stevie Ray Wonder (not his real name, but all will be explained), who has fallen into the role of MCing and stage managing the Friday night events.

We also meet locals, Kathryn and Peter Roberts. They moved here many years ago and have reflections to share, including some from Peter who has been driving the school bus for a long time, watching kids grow as he gets them from point A to point B.

Finally, we chat with artist, Garry Duncan. Garry is another local and a regular and his artwork not only adorns boardrooms around the world, silos around South Australia, and a variety of galleries everywhere, but it hangs in pride of place around Carob and Hare.​

01:42:01 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is Plague Of Monsters by BW4.

BW4 is a partnership between Steve Hearne and Rod Mitchell. Rod Performed at Carob and Hare, despite being a long way from his hometown of Andamooka (which is a hefty stone’s throw from another source of opals, Coober Pedy, which recently featured on The Adelaide Show).

BW4 is named after a redundant microwave tower on the Stuart Highway just south of Pimba because Rod was fascinated by Central Australian deserts and disputed Australian History.

That note makes this song more relevant than ever because The Voice debate has seemed to release angels as well as monsters as people reflect on what the referendum is all about.

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