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377 – Unearthing Opal Live From Coober Pedy

Unearthing Opal Live From Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is the Opal Capital Of The World, and The Adelaide Show puts South Australian passion on centre stage. So this episode was destined to happen

Unearthed Australian Opal is set to make opal industry history with an unprecedented event, Unearthing Opal Live. This groundbreaking occasion brings together live opal mining and a simultaneous auction of any rough opal discovered during the event. Taking place on August 2, Unearthing Opal Live will be a thrilling 3.5-hour live stream from an opal mine in Coober Pedy, the renowned Opal Capital Of The World. And the Adelaide Show has the inside scoop with tonight’s guests.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan.

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Running Sheet: Unearthing Opal Love From Coober Pedy

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00:02:28 Dan Measey, Renee Everest, Chris Warman

Opal enthusiasts and collectors around the globe will witness a world-first as Unearthing Opal Live combines the captivating elements of real-time opal mining with the excitement of a live auction. This unique event allows viewers to watch the mining process unfold before their eyes, ask questions about the process, and bid on the gems as they are unearthed, creating an unparalleled opportunity to acquire opals with genuine provenance.

However, Unearthing Opal Live is not just an event. It is a personal journey driven by the passion and expertise of its owner and founder, Dan Measey, who started prospecting in Coober Pedy when he was one year old. Dan’s fate as an opal prospector was sealed when his opal-mining father dug him a new bedroom in the family’s underground dugout home in the late 70s. The home extension yielded a blue, green, crystal opal the size of a cigarette packet worth $1500!

While online auctions for opals are not uncommon, Unearthing Opal Live will take this experience to an entirely new level because the telecast will show opal mining in real time and enable viewers to immediately participate in a live auction to bid on the gems freshly discovered from the mine. This unique combination of mining and auction provides an exclusive opportunity to own opals with a direct connection to the source.

As Dan says, “this will be the closest thing to experiencing real mining because viewers will share the anticipation that accompanies prospecting. They’ll share in the thrill of not knowing whether any opal will be found, mirroring the experience we have every day as we explore our claim.”

You can read more on the Unearthed Australian Opal website: Unearthing Opal Live.

The livestreaming event is over. This episode now includes a bonus hour of chatter from the livestream.

01:49:25 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is actually an instrumental composition by Slava and Leonard Grigoryan entitled, Fred’s Vision.

Given our presence in the outback for this episode, it’s a perfect opportunity to play a track inspired by Fred Hollows. Fred was an opthamologist who was inspired to restore eyesight to thousands of people in Australia and overseas. He always pushed for change and spent much of his career fighting for better access to eye health and better living conditions for Indigenous Australians.

He was known for carrying a little wooden box full of lenses and frames and when the Grigoryan brothers saw that box, they were inspired to compose this track; Fred’s Vision.

Fred’s Vision is from the Grigoryan Brother’s album, This Is Us. Here is a link to the works of Slava and Leonard Grigoryan.

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