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382 – The Adelaide Show Podcast Nigel Style With John Schumann

382 - The Adelaide Show Podcast Nigel Style With John Schumann

The Middle Order Partnership Of The Adelaide Show Had Steve Davis At One End And Nigel Dobson At The Other

During the second year of The Adelaide Show podcast, the lineup transitions from a trio of hosts to an interview format with one main guest and two hosts. Nigel Dobson became the permanent co-host, along with Steve Davis.

In this time, the podcast had some wonderful innovations from Nigel, not least of which was the Is It News segment, and a decision to hold topics to a high standard of requiring an evidence-base.

There is no SA Drink Of The Week in this episode, although we do sip on a 2018 Highbank Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon during recording.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, John Schumann joins Steve to talk about his remake of I Was Only 19 with The Waifs.

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Running Sheet: The Adelaide Show Podcast Nigel Style With John Schumann

00:00:00 Intro


00:13:55 SA Drink Of The Week

No segment this episode.

00:02:59 Nigel Dobson

In episode 5, Nigel Dobson filled in for Colin Richard, who was on the sicklist. Little did we know that he was to become a regular “fill in” and then come on board full time as a co-host for 250+ episodes.

In this retrospective episode, Nigel and Steve reminisce on the different topics and challenges, as well as share some observations of life in South Australia today.

01:29:57 Musical Pilgrimage

Our featured song this episode is I Was Only 19 by John Schumann and The Waifs.

This 40th anniversary remake might owe its existence to a bizarre historical accident. As John says, “when I wrote about Redgum bootlegs in “I’ve been to Bali too”, the Waifs hadn’t even formed. 40 years later, we get to collaborate on a re-imagining of “I was only 19″. It might not have happened if Vikki and Donna didn’t get to pick up a bootleg copy in Bali.”

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