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337 – A Minnie History Of Andamooka

337 - A Minnie History Of Andamooka

Not many South Australians have visited Andamooka, way up in the outback.

But, as it turns out, people who have grown up in the town have also missed a lot of their history, if the first female opal miner, Minnie Berrington, is anything to go by.

Lara Lukich joins us to dig into Andamooka’s history.

In the SA Drink Of The Week, we have a quick sip of 2016 DiGiorgio Sparkling Merlot, from Coonawarra.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, Dino Jag returns with a Sam Cooke cover. Wow!

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Running Sheet: A Minnie History Of Andamooka

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show.

00:03:00 SA Drink Of The Week

The SA Drink Of The Week is the 2016 DiGorgio Sparkling Merlot, Coonawarra.

00:04:16 Lara Lukich

Andamooka has a reputation as a town in South Australia’s north that is home to opal and “characters”. While big companies tried their hands at mining opal in the area, the nature of the opal fields is such that they’re best suited to independent miners, trying their luck. In the mix of this history was a woman, Minnie Berrington, who left clerical work in England in 1926 to become the postmistress and first female opal miner in the town. Lara Lukich (with Katalin Wilby) has a project to capture the life and work of Minnie B, through the company, Cinematica Films, and ahead of this weekend’s Andamooka Opal Festival, she’s joining us to shine some light on this jewel in South Australia’s crown.

Link to the Minnie Berrington Project.

Link to details about the 2021 Andamooka Opal Festival

Link to our Arkaroola episode

Let’s get the lay of the land sorted first. How far are you from Adelaide and surrounding landmarks?

What do you see when you first arrive?

What would Minnie Berrington have seen and experienced?

What captured your imaginations about Minnie? (The Sand That Ate The Sea)

How do the people of Andamooka govern themselves? Is there something we can learn?

Is mining still central to life in the town?

And what about art? I see there is an Andamooka Tiger on display as part of this weekend’s Andamooka Opal Festival. Is this a sign of a healthy artistic element in town?

Us westerners value opals for their monetary worth. Is that just because they’re pretty? Or is there something intrinsincly valuable about them, for example, do you have any idea how they have been thought about by the traditional owners of the land?

Tell us about the weekend’s event AND the raffle we can all join.

01:18:52 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, Dino Jag returns with a soulful version of the Sam Cooke classic, A Change Is Gonna Come.

🚨BREAKING NEWS! Excited to announce Dino Jag’s nomination for the 2021 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS in the category of “SOUL/FUNK/R&B ARTIST” at this year’s Music SA South Australian Music Awards 😜🤙 Dino would be truly honoured if you would support him with a vote 🙏
With Love & Gratitude
Dino :~)

Here’s this week’s preview video

No official promo video this week, so here’s Dino’s song.

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