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335 – What is POTS?

335 - What is POTS? The Adelaide Show Podcast

Do you know what POTS is? If not, consider yourself lucky.

POTS is a syndrome that affects women of child-bearing age but can be experienced by both men and women of any age.

We’ll be chatting with Claire Seeley, founder and director of the Australian POTS Foundation to learn more about the syndrome, its diagnosis, and its treatment.

The SA Drink Of The Week is St Hallett’s Blackwells Shiraz.

And in the musical pilgrimage we have a track from Ben and Janna Romeo.

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Running Sheet: What is POTS?

00:00:00 Intro

Introduction to the show.

00:03:52 SA Drink Of The Week

The SA Drink Of The Week is 2018 St Hallett’s Blackwells Shiraz.

00:08:46 Claire Seeley

It was only the last few days that I discovered the existence of a syndrome known as POTS. And the irony is, there could be people among us who are suffering from it without knowing it exists, either. This is the dilemma created by an syndrome that impacts the automatic nervous system in a range of ways, making it difficult to diagnose. What’s more, we now are seeing people with post acute Covid being very suseptiable to POTS. Our guest tonight, Claire Seeley, discovered she had POTS, shortly after a viral infection and has not only been living with it ever since, but she’s been working with fellow sufferers in her role as a Clinical Nurse Consultant, under the supervision of Associate Professor Dennis Lau (Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist) at Adelaide University. Welcome to The Adelaide Show.

Australian POTS Foundation

The ABC News story about why some people feel lousy after vaccines and others don’t

We’re going to talk about what POTS is, your research into it, your work in with patients, and the Australian POTS Foundation, but first, if someone I know was suffering from a serious onset of POTS,  what sort of signs would I notice?

What did you experience?

Let’s get into the detail. What do we know about POTS (and how do you pronounce all the words)

You mentioned in some of your notes that, historically, POTS has been much maligned by the medical profession. Any idea why? It is related to how complex it must be to diagnose?

Who is most at risk?

What outcomes should people expect to experience after being diagnosed with POTS? In other words, can it be treated successfully?

Can you tell us more about your work at Adelaide University. I think you said you are in one of the primary centres for treatment of Autonomic Cardiac Disorders in Australia.

The condition is highly associated with another poorly recognized condition could hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which affects the collagen in the connective tissue. Why?

Listener, Lisa, has a question: She says her mum has Bradi Tachi Cardia, a heart condition. Unsure if related to POTS. Apparently it leads to her heart rate changing from fast to slow and vice versa. She said it would be good to know its common name.

There has been a surge in presentations and diagnosis of POTS in people post acute Covid-19.  To the point that there is now a drive for increased funding to understand the impact and cause of this condition. What is your research focussing on?

Do you need volunteers?

You have started a Foundation, tell us more about it.

Finally, I saw you recently at the birthday celebration for Sir Frank Seeley, your father-in-law. We just dressed up and went and feasted and chatted and headed home. Did POTS impact your approach to being at that night?

01:10:30 Musical Pilgrimage

In the musical pilgrimage, we hear from Claire Seeley’s son-in-law and daughter, Ben and Janna Romeo, with a song called, Yellow Brick Road.

You can learn more about Janna at her Facebook page: Janna Romeo

Here’s this week’s preview video

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