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304 – Rethinking The Daily Commute

304 Rethinking The Daily Commute - The Adelaide Show Podcast

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, we reflect on the daily commute. It once set the heartbeat to the day but Covid-19 has brought it to its knees. We discuss it’s plight with former Lord Mayor of Adelaide and Urban Planner, Stephen Yarwood, and urban strategist, Steven Burgess.

The SA Drink Of The Week is another great drop from the South East.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we hear a new song written by Michael Mills and performed by Gemma Dandie.

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Running Sheet: Rethinking The Daily Commute

00:00:00 Intro 
00:01:30 SA Drink Of The Week
2015 The Maze, Herbert Vineyards. Introduced by David Herbert.
00:04:49  Stephen Yarwood and Steven Burgess

In January this year, I was in LA and one of the most disturbing and haunting things I noticed was the sheer volume of cars clogging their multi multi lane freeways. It was astonishing. Then back home and in the Adelaide Fringe, I was stuck quite often in pure gridlock around the CBD, just stuck in my car with thousands of other commuters. In situations like these I am always struck by what a senseless waste of life this inefficient communting is. So, here we are, communting has dropped to staggeringly low numbers during Covid-19 restrictions, and I think it’s the perfect time to ponder how we might reclaim this notion of commuting.

To discuss this, I have turned to Stephen Yarwood from City2050, former Lord Mayor of Adelaide, urban futurist, and regular on the podcast, and Steven Burgess, an urban strategist and a transport engineer with 30+ years experience who runs Complete Streets in Tasmania.

Let’s start by getting some perspective. In your work, both of you have been involved in urban planning projects globally, What does The Daily Commute look like around the world?

Can either of you shed life on how we got to a point in the developed world, and now in the developing world, of more and more human movement every day?

Is there any obvious way of defusing the need for

How does it vary, where is it out of control, and where does it seem quite comfortable?

In my promotion of this discussion, I did say publicly that I think the Daily Commute is one of humanity’s most embarrassingly stupid activities. As you two consult around the world, can you give me a sense of whether I’m on the lunatic fringe, or whether there are others out there who share my disdain for what I consider a very wasteful use of fossil fuels and time?

00:55:00 Musical Pilgrimage
In the musical pilgrimage, we have a track called Whispers In The Night by Gemma Dandie.
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Here’s this week’s preview video.

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