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289 – The full tilt pinball episode

The full tilt pinball episode - The Adelaide Showwith Greg Siegele and Steve Davis

In this week’s episode of The Adelaide Show, is the full tilt pinball episode with Greg Siegele, a self-described pinhead. Well, really, a Steve-described pinhead.

The SA Pinball Masters is September 13-15 at Amusement Workx on Torrens Road, Adelaide.

This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is actually a unique dessert wine from Top Note Wines.

And in the Musical Pilgrimage, we have a track from Sean Kemp.

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Running Sheet: The full tilt pinball episode

00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:30 SA Drink Of The Week
Top Note The Noble Rose is the SA Drinks Of The Week.
00:010:02 Greg Siegele

My first recollection of pinball was seeing them in fish and chip shops. They were adorned by cartoon art of women in bikinis, most of the time (I grew up in the 70s) and then they faded out of my life by my mid-20s. But that’s not the case for everybody. Five years ago there were 500 ranked competitive players in the world — now there are more than 30,000 and one of them is Greg Siegele a local pinball player who is, let’s say, just a little past his mid-20s and going strong.

What’s your first recollection of pinball?

How do you view the game? Is it an amusement? What is the history of pinball?

What is competitive pinball?

Is there one set of rules or do they vary per machine?

What defines a sport?

Does pinball deliver the true 3D experience that even the best console games can’t?

Although retro arcades remain hard to come by, local pinball wizards attribute the game’s recent resurrection to the “explosion” of competitive pinball in South Australia and around the world.

Australia’s top 32 players will come to town for the national finals, held at an undisclosed location, with an additional three side tournaments open to players who didn’t make the cut. Why undisclosed?

Are there many women involved?

What should I take note of if I want to start playing?

Is it okay to trap the ball in the flipper?

When you have multiball play, how do you keep track

WORK out the high-scoring shots that are least likely to drain the ball.

LEARN how to nudge the machine. You are encouraged to move the machine around to try save the ball from draining, but move it too much and you “tilt” and end the ball.

00:49:52 Musical Pilgrimage
In the musical pilgrimage, we have a track called Sign by Sean Kemp.

Sean Kemp is a local muso and has opened for artists such as Dionne Warwick, Tim Rogers, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and has had gigs at local venues The Gov, Thebarton Theatre, and Her Majesty’s Theatre. Sean released his debut EP Flicka, in April, to rave reviews.

Here’s this week’s preview video:

SFX: Throughout the podcast we use free sfx from for the harp, the visa stamp, the silent movie music, the stylus, the radio signal sfx, the wine pouring and cork pulling sfx, and the swooshes around Siri.

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