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South Australiana by Greg Arious – 017

I remember hearing this on the radio in the 80’s shortly after the number 1 hit by Mr Tayshus, and heard it again when a mate I worked with called Trog played me a version he had on cassette. I forget what made me think of it, but I tracked him down in the UK and asked him if he still had it. As it happened, he’d recently transferred his cassette collection to disk and was able to send me a copy. I checked with Greg Meyer (aka Greg Arious) and he was happy enough for us to play it on the podcast and asked if we could send him a copy as he didn’t have one. The recording isn’t the best quality due to it’s original recording and subsequent transmission methods, but as far as I know, it’s the only one in existence. If you listen right to the end you’ll hear the late John Vincent do the back announce.

How many suburbs can you hear?

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