In Episode 016, the Council encountered an intriguing case of vigliantism.

This twitter account has been set up to name and shame motorists caught using mobile phones while driving. The Council discussed the pros and cons of this vigilante approach to an important road safety issue.
Co-Councillor Brett also questioned whether it was right for the Council to ‘throw the first stone’ when our Council could be described as a vigilante enterprise itself. The decision was to keep this account on our Watch List.

Bianca was caught on Twitter bemoaning her state of boredom:
What to do today hmm Adelaide is so boring!
Bianca is a lingerie and adult model and this left the Council perplexed – if she gets bored, what hope is there for the rest of us? The Council, however, determined that Bianca would have the resources to find interesting things to do and therefore we had to reject her visa. However, a ‘tasteful’ photo shoot for Another Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide could certainly restore your visa 😉

Emma is a journalist from Sydney originally from England, who tweeted this on the last day of the Ashes Test at Adelaide Oval:
I hate to be the bearer of bad news….. but it’s bloody clearing up in stupid Adelaide. Stupid Aussie dry weather. #Ashes
The Council decided she had no case to answer and left her to suffer the anguish of being an English Cricket Team fan.

Carmen shared this through the week:
Reasons why I love #Adelaide. Walking thru #rundlemall & simultaneously seeing a dancer with no music, topless runners & a sweet violinist
The Council was struck by the spontanaity and simplicity of the tweet and awarded Carmen an Adelaide Visa for her natural pride in her city, along with a request to take out her phone and capture these moments next time for the podcast – photos, video, audio.

Rachael, spelled the ‘good’ way according to Colin, was found sharing photos of Adelaide along with captions that revealed her love for her city:
#Hills view of #Adelaide … I love my city!
Co-Councillor Steve engaged with Rachael on Twitter in what he termed a ‘twiaison’ and discovered she is madly in love with all things South Australian. How’s this for an example?
@stevedavis @BoringAdelaide Ha ha ha almost fainted lol!! Thought I was boring Adelaide 😉 But @MenzFruChocs & @ciboespresso loves me!
As Steve talked about his interactions with SA food brands, Rachael said:
@stevedavis @BoringAdelaide @MenzFruChocs @ciboespresso Ooooo one upper time #ChallengeAccepted Cibo’s x 2 today, Menz factory last Friday
This has given rise to a potential new segment in which listeners can prove how South Australian they are, through support and use of local brands. Needless to say, Rachael was granted her Adelaide Visa.

Catherine Lambert
Brett nominated Catherine for an Adelaide Visa for her support for the local music industry and her fully-fledged and internationally-staged patriotism for South Australia.