This week, the Council took counsel from international communicators, Steve and Cindy Crescenzo, who suggested a slight shift in how we deal with detractors.

You can hear the discussion and their input in Episode 013 – The Courtesy Bus.

@Crescenzo GRANTED
@CreativeComms GRANTED
We granted visas to Steve and Cindy Crescenzo for two reasons.
Firstly, the US visitors loved Adelaide, raved about our architecture, culture and food/wine, so much so they used their two spare days in Australia to STAY in Adelaide instead of going to Sydney.
Secondly, Steve reflected on the people who are labelling Adelaide boring and suggested that instead of banning them we HELP them see the light.
The Council is reflecting on this new approach and there should be evidence of a shift towards rehabilitation rather than jumping straight to punishment in episode 014.

@LucyGransbury GRANTED
Lucy Gransbury is a writer, performer in Melbourne who was originally from Adelaide. She wrote a blog post in the last week in response to Anthony Sharwood’s attack on Adelaide and this brought her to the attention of the Council.
Her article, Adelaide doesn’t need your approval, won her instant visa status, which was further enhanced by the quality of positive and thoughtful comments she received.
We hope to have Lucy on episode 014 as a live guest.

Johanna came to the attention of the Council for this tweet:
I’m in desperate need of a hobby. Adelaide is so damn boring. #bored
When Co-Councillor Steve followed up for clarification, she replied:
@BoringAdelaide I love Adelaide! However, you do need a car to be able to get anywhere worth seeing. 😉
The Council agreed that Johanna’s follow up saved her from having her Adelaide Visa rejected. We hope to take this one step further and see if we can help Johanna discover a hobby she can do at home or with a local group of people.