We trawled Twitter as the Adelaide Visa Council to see who is deemed worthy of Adelaide residency and who needs to move on. All the following ‘twits’ have been notified via Twitter and most have been placed on our Accepted, Rejected or Pending Twitter Lists. Here are the submissions we based our decisions on:

1. @ed_tringh Ed Trinh
After his reprimand last week for talking Adelaide down, Ed has fully repented and transformed himself into a model Adelaide citizen.
Meanwhile, contrary to prior reports by @BoringAdelaide I love #Adelaide! Honestly and truly do!
That is small taste of the postive work Ed has done. Adelaide Visa RESTORED.

2. @_Elle_xox Elouise
Sadly, our One Direction fan lacked sincerity when she made her attempt to have her Visa restored.
@BoringAdelaide @NiallOfficial @thrillingstyles Im sorry Adelaide I didnt mean to offend anyone honestly I was joking:p
The words are fine but the Council was gravely concerned by the ‘colon and the P’, which represents a poked-out-tongue, believing it showed that Elouise still has some work to do to get her Visa restored.

3. @nathanvdw Nathan
Nathan leapt onto the Council’s radar with this stoic tweet:
We take so much for granted in this country, and yet people here still bitch Adelaide is boring or their car isn’t as nice as it could be
However, in an inexplicable move, he also tweeted this in the same time period:
@nathanvdw: @_itsbennett I think ed sums up Adelaide well. Pretty to look at but incredibly boring if you’re around it for more than 3 days
This was deemed to be a tragic twist and such a senseless waste of nobility.

4. @cleansedbyfire Drewbee
We have discovered an Adelaide man with a fetish for ruins in the nooks and crannies of our city and surrounds. Drewbee shared a couple of comments this week that caught the Council’s attention:
Sure, Adelaide in the city itself is boring. The outer parts such as ruins and abandoned / disused areas well make up to counter the boring.
The other comment was:
It only conjures up the age-old cliché of ‘My city is so boring and lame’. Get out and find the lost parts.
What the Council liked about Drewbee’s comments was that he was arguing strongly that there is much to explore and experience, if only you go looking.
At this stage, Drewbee’s visa is still pending. The Council will issue it when pictorial evidence of Adelaide’s secret places has been provided to the court.

5. @weyheyjustinn 76 Days
Well, Weyhey Justinn remains under the careful watch of the Adelaide Visa Council due to the nature of her reply to a request for a statement during the week. The Council caught her labelling Adelaide as boring and asked her what it would take, in her opinion, to make it unboring. She replied:
@BoringAdelaide a theme park would make it unboring haha
You can hear the full deliberation in the podcast but in short, the opinion of the Council was that relying on others to invest millions to make a ‘distraction’ would not only fail to provide a solution, but would inhibit her ability to reach a higher state of joy and contentment. Therefore, Adelaide Visa REVOKED.