We trawled Twitter as the Adelaide Visa Council to see who is deemed worthy of Adelaide residency and who needs to move on. All the following ‘twits’ have been notified via Twitter and most have been placed on our Accepted or Rejected Twitter Lists. Here are the submissions we based our decisions on:

1. @geojojo Jo Jansyn
Jo Jansyn is a former Adelaide person now living in Sydney. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help us research a Don Dunstan segment this week so, in return, she gets an honorary Adelaide Visa. Welcome home whenever you get here, Jo!

2. @_Elle_xox Elouise
Elouise got caught up in the One Direction phenomenon this week of calling Adelaide boring to (in the opinion of the Adelaide Visa Council) look tough and too cool for her city in front of 1D fans from around the country, the world, and also the boys in the band. Brett was also worried she was tweeting well past her bed time :-0 Here is her offending tweet:
@NiallOfficial @thrillingstyles Not too long til you get to boring Adelaide can’t wait to have you!
Therefore, Elouise, we have had to revoke your Adelaide Visa.

3. @underneonstars Maddie
In a tragic and saddening development, the Adelaide Visa Council had its first repeat offender this week. Young Maddie, who split the Council last week for labelling Adelaide Airport as boring in a wanton act of reckless slurring, was back in front of the Council this week for this utterance:
@JackAllTimeLow Thanks for making my city awesome for like a day, Adelaide is usually pretty boring!!
Of course it was good to have Jack visit from America but another needless jab at Adelaide has moved Maddie onto two strikes with one councillor suggesting a jail term might be next!

4. @ed_trinh Ed Trinh
It appears that Ed Trinh is quite a high profile member of the Adelaide United Football Club’s fan club, which is why the Council was disappointed to find two offending tweets in his account this week, namely:
@Dagger_1991 @footballgidget @OHMYGODjack Adelaide is actually a pretty sh#t place… :p
@footballgidget @Dagger_1991 @OHMYGODjack it’s a good place to live and raise a family etc, but a sh#t place to do anything else.
In the view of the Council, we set a higher bar for people who are in leadership and patriotic roles, so therefore, Ed, we have had to revoke your Adelaide Visa; better not travel interstate for any fixtures ;-)

5. @sophie_dayman Sophie
When the Adelaide Crows Football Club tweeted Tuesday night that we should take care of its fans who usually engage in football tweets that night, Sophie Dayman from Yorke Peninsula, swung into action. She offered:
@Adelaide_FC my tuesday nights have never been so boring… haha #crowschat #gocrows
Although Sofie used the dreaded ‘B’ word, it was in good spirit and therefore the Council was delighted to grant her an Adelaide Visa.