In episode 022, the Adelaide Visa Council had honourary Councillor, Tom Williamson join us. Here are the cases.

Simon Windor was captured tweeting:
@ed_trinh @Fork_ontheRoad unfortunately for my waistline and liver I will partake in both events on the 19th of Jan. Adelaide boring? Never.
The Council heartily agreed that Simon was displaying pride in Adelaide and granted him a visa.

This Twitter user, who describes himself as “Travel junkie. Food-ist. Annoying big brother”, was noted tweeting:
Boring (@ Royal Adelaide Hospital)
Our question was: isn’t boring a good thing at hospitals? We asked for clarification. None was received. The Council decided there was no case to answer.

Co-Councillor Steve overheard Trisha tweeting this to another user:
@jrhinchy Thanks for the follow but i don’t think you really want to follow a paralyzed single Mum in adelaide, Australia. Am v boring lol
The Council thought the self-deprecation was brilliant and Steve was intrigued by the mixture of elements in Trisha’s bio, namely, Love Aussie Hip Hop,Inappropriate laughter Grammar Nazi,Obsessive Compulsive, Hilltop Hoods obsessed, single Mum, broken& retired, , happy chick in a chair.
Trisha was granted a Visa.