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Darcy Mae brings her authentic self to stage in an incredible tableau of cover songs that will keep you bopping along well into the night.

With the stage being set up as her ‘living room’, Darcy invites the audience into her life by sharing music that has inspired her and her career. Between each song, she tells stories about her life and how music and musical theatre has brought her to where she is now. From a loud young girl needing an outlet to a woman with a Bachelor of Music Theatre performing her debut solo show.

Accompanied by fellow musician, Matt Nolan, on the guitar, the folk-rock duo complements each-other well, sharing the stage with a fun and light-hearted energy.

Outbound has a little something for everyone, with various songs taken into Darcy Mae’s personal style and brought to life with passion. From an acoustic Gorillaz song to an all-out Kate Bush-esque rendition of ‘Running Up That Hill’, Darcy performs songs both new and old in her incredible vocals.

With a great stage presence and clear joy in the dramatics, Darcy entertains the audience with both her music and her antics on stage. Playing up the comedy of songs and interacting with Matt during feminist heavy moments in humorous ways.

Darcy was also clearly having fun playing with her Voice Effects and Looper device throughout the performance, going so far as to show off a new original piece using only the looper and her voice.

There were a few opening night mishaps, with one or two false starts and a couple misremembered lyrics, but Darcy and Matt persevered over their nerves and put on a great show overall.

The Jade provides an amazing venue for the performance, fitting outbound’s vibes perfectly with an intimate yet spacious room. If you are in a party larger than three, arriving early would be highly encouraged, as seating is shared tables in a true cabaret style.

If you’re interested in checking out local up-and-coming musicians before they’re selling out stadiums, do come check out Darcy Mae’s debut show, outbound.

It’s perfect for a chill night out with friends and family to round off the Adelaide Fringe season.

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