tom-howard-vineyard photo steve davisThanks to the magic of Twitter, I hooked up with the chief winemaker at Howard Vineyard in Nairne, who introduced me to their Cabernet Franc.

Tom is one of the most intensely passionate winemakers you will meet, when speaking about his family’s love of Cabernet Franc.

He explained that his dad planted the vineyards in the 1990s to celebrate the father of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc.

The two bottles in the podcast were superb.

The 2010 Amos is Howard Vineyard’s flagship wine.

Of all the wine they make, Tom explained that only a small selection makes it to the Amos.

Cabernet Franc is much redder than the Cab Sauvs and Shiraz I am used to drinking.

It has big, juicy fruit on the palate and very dry tannins.

I think this wine is a must for every Australian wine connoisseur so that you can round out your tasting palate.

The other wine was the 2010 Howard Vineyard Cabernet Franc.

Again, a similar taste profile to the Amos but perhaps just a little more subdued.

These wines are intriguing to drink together because they show you the variety available in a single variety.

Thanks for sharing the bottles, Tom.