These tasting notes for Zonte’s Footstep Love Symbol Grenache were recorded as part of episode 189 of The Adelaide Show podcast.

Our guest, Robin Potanin, asked Anna from Zonte’s Footstep to recommend a suitable wine as the SA Drink Of The Week and she chose this Grenache because she knew Robin had been living in Europe for many years and had grown more accustomed to “lighter” red varieties.

However, as you’ll soon discover, this Grenache is in a class of its own.

Zonte’s Footstep Love Symbol Grenache tasting notes

This 2015 vintage McLaren Vale Grenache is a show stopper.

From his first sip, Steve was completely mesmerised and started rambling in terms more grandiose than usual.

He spoke about how this Grenache compares to others in a way similar to how small budget films compare to big budget blockbusters. The bigger films have time and money to capture more of the depth and detail and that is exactly what you experience with this wine, he said.

Nigel noted how there is a tidy parcel of red and blue fruits and a light tannin finish, and this inspired Steve further.

He said the experience of this wine is like riding a fine steed, bareback along the beaches near McLaren Vale, it has a proud white blaze of fruit but then its ears prick and it gallops away leaving a puff of tannin on the palate like a dusting of fine beach sand.

Perhaps it is best to just listen. The wine tasting starts about three minutes in via the player, below, or search for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app, subscribe, load episode 189 and then scroll through a few minutes to enjoy.