We crafted these Zonte’s Footstep Bolle Felici McLaren Vale tasting notes while recording episode 188 of The Adelaide Show Podcast.

We had this wine because Robin Potanin, our guest, asked Anna from Zonte’s Footstep for some wine for the show and she knows how much Robin loves the Bolle Felici.

Robin explains how this sparkling white in a can is Zonte’s Footstep version of the Italian “Champagne” known as Prosecco.

Robin lived in Europe for many years and developed quite an “addiction” to this wine style.

Zonte’s Footstep Bolle Felici McLaren Vale

The first thing Steve noted was how this wine is not sweet but nor is it dry but rather it is like a welcome mat on your palate that you walk over as you move into your evening.

The point of difference with this wine is that it is not only available in bottles but also in 4-packs of cans.

Given that Anna from Zonte’s Footstep and Robin both live by the beach and love this wine, it does seem like a logical approach to packaging.

So much so, that we take our thongs off to Anna to salute this solution for people who’d like a nice, conveniently-packaged drink on a picnic or at the beach but who don’t drink beer.

Hear Zonte’s Footstep Bolle Felici McLaren Vale get named as the SA Drink Of The Week from about the 5-minute mark below, or via iTunes or your favourite podcasting app.