wirra-wirra-church-block Photo Brett Monten and Steve DavisIt has taken a long time but last week, due to some sort of intervention, maybe divine, I fell in love with Wirra Wirra Church Block.

That’s me, Steve Davis, pictured during the rapturous experience of tasting this week’s South Australian Drink Of The Week in the middle recording episode 45 of our podcast.

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot grips the palate due to the well defined tannins of the Cabernet, then fills the mouth with fruit due to the Shiraz, and finishes smoothly, most likely due to the Merlot.

This is drinking very nicely and led me to issue a public apology.

To my friend, Brett Williams, who has long been a Church Block advocate, and to the good folk at Wirra Wirra, I fall on my knees and beg forgiveness for dismissing this blend over two decades.

Go forth and drink this wine. If, like me, it has not passed your lips for a long time or ever, all will be forgiven!