These Willow Point Wines Shiraz tasting notes were crafted during production of The Adelaide Show Podcast, episode 168.

We approached Willow Point Wines because the vineyard and cellar door exist at Murray Bridge, where this week’s episode is also centred.began on the banks of the River Murray by the late, Lloyd Light in 1972

Little did Lloyd Light realise that a mere 10 years after he first planted vines in 1972, that David Bean and Phil McEvoy would soon be on the scene, breathing new life into 5MU and creating some vintage radio.

The winery is now owned by friends of this podcast, Peter and Jenny Hurley.

Willow Point Wines Shiraz tasting notes

Instead of the usual, quirky wine tasting notes this week, we instead asked the old 5MU team to brainstorm some radio ad ideas for Willow Point Wines, just like they did in the old days.

You can hear the raw workings of the creative process in the episode, with a couple of notable highlights, even if they are not broadcastworthy: David Bean’s repurposing of a tune for a sung ad, and Steve Davis’ read of Chris Glenn’s radio script. David and Chris are pictured.

You might want to be drinking some of the wine as you listen!

Big thank yous to all the team at Willow Point Wines for getting on board this week. We may not have come up with a corker of an idea, but we did find your easy-drinking Shiraz, sourced from McLaren Vale fruit, to be as smooth and silky as all the Mantovani records the new team threw out when they took over the station.

The fun begins about the 1 hour, 31 minute and 31 second mark of episode 138.

And if you can’t wait for a taste, these are the finished products with a few more ideas half-baked in the podcast.