These Unico Zelo Adelaide Hills Syrah tasting notes were recorded live for The Adelaide Show episode 165.

We had access to the wine because there was a bottle left over from a previous event at Dave Court’s Created Range store in Regent Arcade, where we were gathered to talk fashion for the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Laura from Unico Zelo is very supportive of Dave’s design work and you will often find her wine at his events.

Unico Zelo Adelaide Hills Syrah tasting notes

Get ready for some wine notes that are as weird as some of the creations you see on catwalks during fashion shows.

Right off the bat, Steve paused everything and said:

I have this long strip of sweet, berry-like candy on my palate BUT it’s like the vines were growing next to a celery patch. Yes, he said celery.

He said it’s the most beautifully bizarre combination of flavours he’s ever come across.

Jana Fuss, fashion design student with TAFE SA, said the 2014 Syrah is “hell nice”.

Steve then stopped the presses again with another flavour that arose on his palate; aged, crumbly cheddar.

Back into conventional parlance, Nigel picked up a peppery edge.

All round, though, the panel enjoyed the wine and heartily recommended this Adelaide Hills Syrah, with Steve suggesting it would be the winner at a blind wine tasting night.

Listen to our live tasting about three minutes in:

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