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Unearthing Kazzy’s Sparkly Raz, McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz

charlie-wine Kazzy Raz Photo Steve Davis

charlie-wine Kazzy Raz Photo Steve DavisOur ‘Nigel’ in Episode 29, brought in some wine from her own brand, Unearthing.

We tried a couple of wines but the one that grabbed our palates the most was Kazzy’s Sparkly Raz aka a McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz.

Steve and Brett were united in noting how enjoyable the wine was, and how as a still wine it would be very pleasing (unlike some sparkling wines on the market).

Steve got sultanas on his palate as soon as the wine arrived but they quickly morphed into a sweet array of bright berry fruits.

Brett was tasting cherry (he has quite a knack for it) and quite taken by how sound the wine was (he has had some disappointing sparkling experiences in the past).

It is at the warm end, alcohol-wise, around 14.5%, which Steve approves of heartily, and Brett noted the fine to medium mousse (bubbles).

Our Nigel aka Charlie (pictured), says enjoy this wine at a bbq and Steve says just make sure you enjoy it socially – don’t drink it alone as it is very hard to stop going back for a top up!

And, in honour of this wine’s namesake, the label says to ‘serve loud’. Cheers!!!

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