To calm our nerves and provide material for tea leaf reading, the The Devotea Queen Adelaide Blend was chosen as the South Australian Drink Of The Week for The Adelaide Show 235.

The man behind The Devotea is Robert Godden, and he joined us for our pre-election special as our very own Antony Green.

As part of the episode, he had chosen a particular tea blend for each of the three, main leaders, and then with the help of Lady Devotea, he proceeded to read the election outcome.

The Devotea Queen Adelaide Blend tasting notes

Unaccostomed as Steve is to tea drinking, he still dived in palate first to explore the Queen Adelaide blend.

His first reaction was that it was like a Fantail, but with a few modifications. The chocolate had been removed and the caramel centre had no sugar or sweetness.

Instead of Robert Godden scoffing his tea newbie status, he actually remarked that those tasting notes were pretty close to the mark. He noted that after sucking a Fantail, there is an aftertaste that matches an aftertaste that Ceylon tea has, which is what is in his blend.

Our other guest, Melissa Scott, commented that Queen Adelaide is a suitable name for this blend because it is dignified and subtle.

If you want to hear the full tasting, grab episode 235 of The Adelaide Show Podcast in your favourite podcast app, or from iTunes, or just use the player, below.