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The Devotea 1001 Nights Tea Blend

The Devotea 1001 Nights Tea Blend tasting notes from The Adelaide Show Podcast

The South Australian Drink Of The Week in episode 239 of The Adelaide Show is The Devotea 1001 Nights Tea Blend.

This blend is named after the famous collection of Middle Eastern folk tales known as 1001 Nights or, in English, The Arabian Nights.

We chose this drink because episode 239 was recorded while being broadcast live on WOW-FM 100.5, and drinking of alcohol is not permitted in such circumstances. Three cheers for podcasting!

The Devotea 1001 Nights Tea Blend tasting notes

Steve describe the experience of drinking 1001 Nights as like being in some sort of quarry or amphitheatre cut from sandstone, in which you enter by walking down a series of steps.

He continued that this tea is like a peppermintness is stepping down those steps in this sandy environment; there’s peppermint sweetness but the tea is dry, almost dusty, around the edges.

He said it is like a Greek Tragedy into which they have slipped a little comedy.

Robert, who runs The Devotea, added that the tea is a blend of Chinese Green tea, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Lemon Myrtle.

He said that is why you get the peppermint up front, it then fades, and you get some of the tea elements on the end.

You can hear the live tasting of The Devotea 1001 Nights Tea Blend around 45 minutes in to episode 239 of The Adelaide Show Podcast via the player below or by searching for the podcast in your favourite podcast app.

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