tenafeate-creek-basket-press Photo Steve DavisIn episode 50, Michael Costa outdoes himself with two superb reds from his Tenafeate Creek Wines at One Tree Hill.

Both wines are basket pressed, hence our photo this week 🙂

2012 Tenafeate Creek Basket Press Merlot

For Steve, this wine led with dark, 70% cocoa chocolate and plums.

Brett picked up on the plums and we then read the label which told us to expect plum, cherry and Black Forest Cake.

This is a smooth, soft wine and Steve noted how it seemed to sink down onto his palate.

2012 Tenafeate Creek Basket Press Shiraz

Brett noted how this delicious shiraz did not have the payload of spice we typically expect from this variety.

To our palates, this is much more at the elegant, fruit-driven end of the spectrum with soft tannins.

Susan was impressed by the legs on the wine (usually a sign high alcohol content) but we noted the alcohol was 13.5 per cent/vol.

Overall, Tenafeate Creek Wines has proved they KNOW how to make great wine, consistently across their WHOLE range and they DO.