Rosemount district-release featuring Nigel HeyStop what you are doing and buy this wine NOW!

There are so many surprising and delightful things about this wine.

Firstly, John Gledhill from Rosemount, like a proud father handing out cigars, gave us a bottle for our podcast. Thank you.

Secondly, this is Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale! That is not typically a variety you assicate with that region and John tells me Rosemount is very chuffed by the success their teams are having down south.

Thirdly, this wine just won the 2013 McLaren Vale Bushing Festival.

Fourthly, this retails around $19 which is superb value – but please don’t let them know we know that.

Finally, it is a scarce as hen’s teeth.

Beautiful, tame tannins give this wine form and structure, delivering a bounty of red and black berry fruits.

There is nothing wrong and everything right with this wine.

And I hear Rosemount Estate is having some superb success with some other wines too. Now that has to be the BIGGEST hint in the world for more to share via the podcast 🙂

For the record, the person in the photo, above, is Nigel Hey. He joined us on episode 12 in Colin’s absence. This shot is a composite of the bottle we drank against the Victor Harbor Times photo which captioned Nigel as a winemaker (which he is not, although he works for Rosemount’s parent company). You can click the image to go to the original story.