For the first time ever, the South Australian Drink Of The Week is a hot chocolate and, in particular, a Red Cacao Hot Chocolate.

For episode 191 of The Adelaide Show, Steve tried a Red Cacao Dark Chocolate and Nigel tried the Red Cacao Aztec Chocolate, and both were impressed by the body and depth of flavour.

Marcus Booth-Remmers, the Red Cacao Chocolatier, gave the boys a tutorial in how to drink hot chocolate properly.

First, he says you should use your spoon to enjoy half of the cocoa and chocolate flake topping sitting atop the drink, but without stirring.

Next, you slowly enjoy the first two-thirds of the drink.

Finally, you use your spoon to trawl the bottom of the cup for any solid clumps of chocolate that might have sunk during the drinking process and you can either enjoy them directly or stir them into the remaining milk for a strong finish.

Red Cacao Hot Chocolate tasting notes

Steve noted that his first sip was like a light, summer shower of sweet chocolate that quickly passed ahead of an enjoyable breeze of chocolate flavour as he slowly exhaled.

Marcus explained the “quick hit” was from the sprinkling of cocoa.

Then Steve described the body of the drink as like wading through a velvet ocean of chocolate, carried on a current of sweet, thick milk.

Marcus explained how their use of A2 milk brought sweetness and body to the drinks.

Meanwhile, Nigel was enjoying the spices and the chilli in the Aztec Hot Chocolate, a variety of the drink that Marcus said was the closest to how chocolate was enjoyed in ancient times.

Marcus also urged the guys to try the dark chocolate piece with raspberry that was on the side of the serving platter and then try more of their drinks. For Steve, this led to raspberry, sunset hues as he dived back into the drink.

You can hear the live tasting from about the three-minute mark of episode 191 in the player below or by searching for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app and downloading/playing the episode on your phone or device.