Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz tasting notes The Adelaide Show Podcast ShowBlock WinesFor episode 127 on Australia Day 2016, we produced these Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz tasting notes as part of the South Australian Drink Of The Week segment.

Grant Neal and Paul Starkey from The Smoking Joint had rustled up a bottle of this superb sparkling red from one of their new, ‘favourite’ wineries, ShowBlock Wines at McLaren Flat.

The Red Afro is beautifully balanced drop albeit leaning a little toward the dry side.

This makes it a perfect drop for relaxing on a balmy night (refreshing rather than sweet) or accompanying food with dominant, spice-driven flavours (like the well rubbed meat the barbecue boys provided).

Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz tasting notes

Steve made the comment that it is as if this wine introduces itself to your palate, is very cordial, and then cleans up after itself as it leaves.

It’s a deeply coloured wine and the boys quickly noted the plum flavours.

It has a very fine mousse (tiny bubbles) giving it a velvety and creamy palate.

We really enjoyed this wine and heartily recommend it.

You can hear the live wine tasting below, about 15 minutes in.