Recorded live as part of the Adelaide Show Podcast 171, these are The Pawn 2013 The Gambit Sangiovese tasting notes for our South Australian Drink Of The Week.

The Pawn Wine Co was a supporter of the launch for new film, Maurice’s Symphony, so the filmmakers, Alex Nakone and Andrei Gostin, saved a couple of bottles of this Adelaide Hills Sangiovese for us to sample and approve.

It will be interesting to see whether or not our tasting segment gets transcribed and used by The Pawn Wine Company because it is one of our most unusual yet!

The Pawn 2013 The Gambit Sangiovese tasting notes

This wine instantly took Steve back to a time in his past when he had a special horseriding event at dawn.

He said he got notes of saddle leather and wet, dewy grass, with short, almost pony-sized tannins that arrived and then cantered into the distance.

Alex Nakone remarked upon the must and the array of berry fruit, much like the spread Steve would have enjoyed at his sunrise picnic.

Nigel and Andrei heartily approved of the wine and the whole panel noted later in the show, that the wine had further opened up and Steve said was is like entering a room where roast lamb and mint sauce had previously been served.

This is certainly worth a try. It is your move!

You can hear the live wine tasting about three minutes in.