We encountered two rescued wines while interviewing Hayley Everuss at Oz Harvest for episode 208 of The Adelaide Show Podcast this week, namely, Ngeringa Wines Éclat NV and Rosé.

Oz Harvest rescues foods from manufacturers, retailers, and caterers, and redistributes it to charities that support the hungry.

These wines were provided by Ngeringa Wines for an Oz Harvest event and were “left over”, hence they were “rescued” for this week’s show.

Please note that nobody knew how to pronouce Éclat correctly or confidently, so please forgive us 🙂

Ngeringa Wines Éclat NV and Rosé tasting notes

The Ngeringa Wines Éclat NV was the first wine tasted during the recording and immediately, Steve commented on biscuit flavours and the way the wine sweeps through the palate, cleaning away any trace of crumbs, due to its dryness.

We have since learned that the Éclat NV is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with a dry, zero dosage, winemaking style.

Hayley agreed, noting that we should keep things simple and just note how much she was enjoying her 2-3 little sips (she is pregnant at the moment, hence the tipple rather than a hearty serving).

Steve also picked up a slight butteriness, nothing heavy or oily, just enough to lend a creaminess to the mouthfeel.

Nigel primarily concentrated on the dry and crisp nature of the wine.

Steve’s parting observation was the slight hint of the ghosts of dried apricots past once the wine had left the palate.

For the Ngeringa Wines 2015 Rosé, Steve’s first comment was to note a confectioner’s strawberry on the palate. He was quick to say this is not a sweet flavour, more like a perfumed strawberry.

Nigel immediately concurred.

You can hear the live tasting at the three minute mark and then again at the 90 minute mark, by downloading episode 208 for free from iTunes or in your favourite podcast app, or via the player below.