71-massey-shiraz Photo Steve DavisThis drop is simply sublime and perfect as the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

In episode 71, we finally got to open this half bottle with 20% alc/vol during our power lunchtime recording and it was the perfect ‘nightcap’ to 2014.

It is not an avalanche of ‘porty’ sweetness, nor is it huge like some McLaren Vale Shiraz.

Instead, it is a finely balanced bottle of joy from Massey Wines.

Refined, fruit driven palate with a bit of pepper, softened by very gentle fortified strands, it would be dangerously easy for one person to finish the whole bottle so ONLY drink with company.

You can hear us taste it live.

Thanks to Nick Kellett because this wine was a gift from him while he was in Australia. He is the Canadian-based co-founder of Listly.com. You can hear our interview with him here, in episode 50.